Investing During Interesting Times

While finding appropriate historical analogies is always tricky, the current economic environment, in our view, seems most reminiscent of the mid-1960s. Those years represented an inflection point, much like today, when fiscal spending accelerated, and the Federal Reserve financed that spending with low-interest rates assuming that historically low levels of inflation experienced in the early 1960s would continue.

Rebooting Capitalism Podcast – ESG Investing with Matthew Blume

In this episode Matthew gives us the lowdown on ESG investing, ESG rated funds, and the various socially responsible investing options.

How Investors Can Prepare for the Effects of Inflation

Persistent inflation, which is what we expect in the coming years, will not bode well for many investors, especially those with portfolios heavily weighted toward bonds. 

The Vital Importance of IRAs

The purpose of this Navigator is to explain the basics of Social Security benefits, to discuss a few particularly useful saving strategies, and to provide additional resources that may be useful for anyone who is preparing financially for retirement about how to optimize his or her Social Security benefits.