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Founded in 1990, Pekin Hardy Strauss Wealth Management helps its clients develop and meet their financial goals through customized investment portfolios and a prudent, disciplined, value-investing approach.

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With your life savings, you want to work with an investor who truly understands your financial picture and who will listen to you. Our experienced investment team will work closely with you to develop and execute a bespoke financial plan with an investment portfolio customized to meet your long-term financial goals. Learn How

Disciplined Value Investing Approach

We take a contrarian value investing approach because we believe it leads to more investment situations where we are buying low in order to sell high at a later date.  By investing in quality financial assets that are already undervalued, in our view, we provide protection against downside risk and create value creation opportunities for our clients.  Our value investing approach is supported by a significant body of research demonstrating that value stocks have outperformed growth stocks and the market over the past one hundred years.

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We are a research and investment-driven firm, with seven CFA charterholders on our investment team, many of which have graduated from top business schools, including Stanford, Wharton, and University of Chicago. Our investment professionals are analytical, contrarian, value-oriented, independent, intellectually honest, and dedicated to helping our clients meet their financial goals..See Our Full Team