We are a closely-held, employee owned firm formed over 25 years ago to help friends and family members meet their financial goals. Our research focus and our client focus drive our firms' investment approach, values, and culture.

Listening to your situation


We listen to fully understand your financial situation so that we can develop a thoughtful financial plan and customized investment portfolio that is tailored to your individual needs, reflecting your tax situation, your time horizon, your goals, and your investment values.

Investment acumen


Pekin Hardy has been helping high net worth clients achieve their financial goals for over a quarter of a century, and our investment team includes seven CFA charterholders and graduates from top business schools including University of Chicago, Wharton, and Stanford.

Independent and aligned with clients


Our firm is 100% owned by employees, and all of our revenues come from fees from clients and fund investors. As a fee-only adviser, Pekin Hardy does not generate any revenue from commissions or referrals.

Value investing approach


Like Warren Buffett and Ben Graham, we practice a disciplined value investing approach that strives to minimize investment risk with clients' capital.

Eat our own cooking


We invest alongside our clients. Portfolio managers have invested personal capital in our strategies along with our clients and fund investors. We believe investing with our clients makes us more careful about the securities we pick and more disciplined about the price we pay for them.

Single layer of fees


With most investment advisors, clients pay two layers of fees - one set of fees to their advisor and another set of fees to the mutual fund manager. We make direct investments when appropriate to minimize the use of funds and to keep our clients' investment expenses low.



Our goal is to help our clients meet their goals. Through our culture, our people, and our approach, we strive to help to make that happen for our clients.