Appleseed Capital

We are an impact investing firm in Chicago that seeks to generate positive returns by making prudent and disciplined investments on behalf of our investors.


Through Appleseed Capital, our institutional investment management arm founded in 2006, we also provide funds and strategies for foundations, endowments, corporate retirement plans, investment consultants, intermediaries, registered investment advisers, and family offices around the country who want to ensure that their investments are addressing their financial objectives while supporting their values through impact and ESG investing.

We have managed the Appleseed Fund, our go-anywhere, fossil fuel-free, ESG-focused mutual fund with an explicit socially responsible mandate since its inception in 2006. ESG characteristics play a critical role in how we select investments for the fund, as we only invest in companies that pass a series of ESG screens. As researchers, we believe that ESG research increases our knowledge, and increased knowledge decreases our clients’ investment risk. As investors, we believe socially responsible investing can improve investment outcomes by supporting good corporate citizens and avoiding poorly managed firms in our portfolios.


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