We are value investors who seek to generate market-beating returns by making prudent and disciplined investments on behalf of our investors.


A suitable segment of a client's portfolio is allocated to high quality stocks for long-term capital appreciation. When we choose a company's stock for a client's portfolio, we are disciplined with our purchase price and generally seek to invest in situations that present a favorable risk-reward profile.

Fixed Income Securities

Our approach to fixed income investing balances the desire to generate a reliable stream of income for our clients (and confidence that the principal amount invested will be repaid) against the risks associated with committing capital for a fixed rate of return. Our view of the macro-economic environment, together with the potential interest rate risk and credit risk, is critical to our strategic approach to fixed income investing.

Alternative Private Investments

Certain clients have expressed their desire to allocate a portion of their capital into private, alternative investments. Through our relationships, from time to time, we see interesting alternative investment opportunities, such as real estate and private equity, and we introduce such ideas to clients. These investments are often managed by individuals and firms with expertise complementary to our own. As is the case with our equity investments, we like to invest our own capital in alternative investment opportunities alongside our clients.

Precious Metals

In an effort to hedge our client portfolio for risk and provide inflation protection for our client portfolios, we seek out appropriate commodity investments that we can purchase for our clients through the public markets.

Mutual Funds

We try to use mutual funds and ETFs sparingly to keep our clients' investment expenses low. When we invest our clients' capital in Appleseed Fund, whose investment portfolio we manage ourselves, we waive Pekin Hardy's investment advisory fee. We generally limit our investments in mutual funds to small accounts that are difficult to diversify with individual securities and to asset classes in which the expertise of a third party manager is required.