Join us as our portfolio managers discuss the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election and what, if any, impact it may have on your portfolio.

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Chart #1 Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P.
Chart #2 Source: Truist Advisory Services
Chart #3 Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P.

Table of Contents
Annual price returns in an election year vs. a non-election year. 1:20
What happens with inflation leading up to the election? 8:09
Immigration and its effects on the economy. 11:10
What does the election mean for equities and bonds? 13:30
Do presidents have a large impact on the economy? 21:10
What implications do the two ongoing wars have on the election and economy? 24:53
What happens to the U.S. Bond Market during an election year? 30:35
What are we doing to position for the presidential election. 38:26